Corrie – Our New Jack Russell


our new pure breed jack russell is called “corrie”, which comes from the emakhua word “ekhole” – “coconut”.

we had a bit of a rocky start with her as

on day #1: she went after the chickens throats or wings (obviously she likes “chicken wings” ; )) … so we secured the coop with our 9 prized lohmann chicken layers from cuxhafen) and

on day #2: she bit a vendour lady who came to our gate trying to sell crabs. the crabs were flying all over the place, as the woman was jumping and screaming her heart out. we managed to calm the situation down, paid the lady off (who was bitten in the thigh), apologized, and hurried to give corrie the vaccines.

on day #3: she would howl at 5.20am (our strategy was to simply ignore her and hide unde the next pillow… she behaves better now).

on day #4, 5 and 6: she was nibbling on the bark of our trees: new ones and old ones. tearing off great parts of bark. arrgh!!!

i love my trees!!! : (

so i was VERY cross with her.

arlindo was helping me to put maschendrahtzaun (wire fence) around all the endangered tree trunks.
BUT NOW IT COMES!: a couple of days later she managed to kill 7 mice in one hour in one of our storerooms… woaaaahooo!

so she was in the “positive” with us again…  ; )

she is sniffing around all over the place in our 1 acre quintal (portuguese for compound). which is great as she will be hopfully be the first to encounter an intruding snake.

she hasn’t bitten anyone else since and we like her around. she’s sometimes such a whirlwind and going from one place to another like a rocket, really fun!  : ))

so guess what …  we decided to keep her afterall.

much to the delight of our four children. anna, our little one, calls out to her in a very commanding voice: “COLLIIIIIE!!!”.

which corrie ignores. she is quite a character.

: )


About sinkiller

living in a tropical country for a decade. still enjoying it. always looking at the bright side of life. the Lord is so good and faithful. praise be to his name.
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